Matches & Events

 All of the Match and Special Event Directors need help in the running of their matches or events. If you need work days or if you just feel like helping and participating in your Rifle Club, please call to volunteer.

All matches are open to the public.


Calendar - September

Match September Time Director Phone #  
Hunter Sight-in day Sept. 1   Fred Walton 996-0568 all ranges closed
Outdoor Bullseye Pistol Sept. 5,12,19,26 6:00 PM Jeff Weaver 599-2590 ranges closed 4:30 pm
Women's Outdoor Shooting Sept. 6 6:00 PM Cynthia Jurkovich 327-5501  
ASSRA Schutzen Match-pre registration

Sept. 8   Bruce Kirby 263-7541 pistol range open
Woman's Intermediate Shooting

Sept. 13 6:00 PM Chris Rodman 589-7168 outdoors
Womens Introduction to Firearms Sept. 15 8:00 AM Cynthia Jurkovich 327-5501  
Air Pistol Silhouette Match

Sept. 16 9:00 AM Rick Davis 662-3607 outdoors
Board of Directors Meeting

Sept. 20 7:00 PM      
200yd. Prone CF Match Sept. 22 8:30 AM Dennis Van Lier 523-3507 other ranges open
ARA Rimfire Match Sept. 23 9:00 AM Gisele Pritchard 863-0307 pistol range open
200yd. Prone RF Match Sept. 29 8:30 AM Dennis Van Lier 523-3507 other ranges open